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Nissin releases 3 Showa Era inspired ramen flavors


Invented by Momofuku Ando in 1958, Chicken Ramen commemorates its 64-year anniversary with three new Showa Era inspired flavors. 

In Japan, years are given names based on the reigning emperor. From 1926 to 1989, Japan was under the reign of Emperor Hirohito and underwent dramatic changes from the aftermath of World War II to an economic resurgence in the 1980s. Due to the growing popularity of Showa-era nostalgia among online communities, Nissin Foods Co Ltd was inspired to make three new flavors and accompanying retro-style packaging to commemorate its anniversary. 

The first flavor, called Chicken Ramen Napolitan has a ketchup-like sweet and sour base with an added bacon flavor. Next, the Chicken Ramen Pizza Toast flavor is topped off with cheese cubes, green beans and onions using a rich tomato sauce. Lastly, the Chicken Ramen Yellow Mild Curry as the name suggests is a mild curry flavor with bits of chunky potatoes, minced pork and carrots. 

Take your pick of Napolitan, Pizza Toast or Mild Curry Chicken Ramen.

Prices start at 214 yen.

Source: Sankei Shimbun

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The packaging of these three ramens may be reminiscent of the Showa era, but these flavours are anything but Showa. I spent more of my life in the Showa era than any of the more recent eras, and I think some young marketers have mud in their eyes (or brains) if they call a sweet and sour base with bacon flavor a Chicken Ramen. Likewise, what kind of rationale is there to call a minced pork flavored soup a Chicken Ramen. Please, young Nissan marketers,  don’t denigrate the Showa era by saying that these flavours or ramen names are like those of the Showa era. Rather, they sound like something from a dumb 零和 era, which I hope we never see.

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I don't like peas so that means that the third ramen on the right looks best to me.

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That napolitan spaghetti, the real one, not this cup noodle, is a strong contender for worst dish in Japan, as bad as any British food Japanese make fun of. It really is awful, like tinned spaghetti hoops but pretending to be real food like normal pasta.

I quite like the laksa Singapore inspired Cup Noodle with the coconut-y soup, but have not seen it recently.

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