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No nodding off


Sure, you can get all kinds of fancy iPhone apps that’ll wake you up just before the train arrives at your stop, but we’ve yet to come across anything that stops you dozing off in the first place. The Nap Vieeb Plus II (really rolls off the tongue, that one) promises to keep you awake through even the most tedious meetings, long-distance drives or Russian art films. When your head tilts as you start to nod off, a sensor in the earpiece triggers an alarm or vibration, returning you to the realm of consciousness.

The sensitivity can also be adjusted, presumably to account for people who nod a lot even when they’re awake, if not necessarily paying attention.

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All HS kids here should forced to wear them. I hate it when a kid sits down and within a mili second is bobbing his head on to my shoulder. Impossible to nod out that fast unless you are doing an OD on opiates.

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lol. Never fails to always see 90% of the train cars asleep every train ride I'm on. Apparently they are over worked, too long of work and school days. The reason why people are so stressed out, dying or committing suicide.

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I hate asking people when they wake up and go to bed. Especially the kids, who need around 10 hours of sleep a night. I find most adults I talk to get about 4 or 5 and the kids get around 7 or 8. As the kids get older, they get less and less sleep.

When you are chronically under-sleeping, your body remembers this. Under-sleep by 2 hours one day, and the next day you need 2 more hours than you would have. You build up debt. And voila, you end up with the people who nod off on the train within milliseconds of sitting down.

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I happen to enjoy Russian art films. And whether or not the product name rolls off the tongue is irrelevant.

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LOL Next release of this gadget: "slight" electric shocks that get progressively stronger if you don't wake up. Sit up!

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What happened to the Plus I version of this?

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"stops you dozing off in the first place"

Who would want this? How are you supposed to catch up on your sleep with this?

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When your head tilts as you start to nod off,

All this would achieve in my case would be to train me to sleep bolt upright, without tilting my head.

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Sarge, then you would take it off, of course. ;-)

Some of the kids I know would need the industrial version: The ear piece is wirelessly connected to a cattle prod built into the seat. Head tilts forward - kaZAP!

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i could really do with one of those haha

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