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No-touch automatic hand sanitizer dispenser


King Jim Co is releasing a new alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser on Feb 15. Since it works on batteries, there is no need for a power outlet nearby.

The simple and compact design makes it suitable for use in the household as well as public spaces like office, hospitals, and hotels. The container is see-through, so it is easy to tell when it needs a refill, which can be done using alcohol liquid disinfectants at your local drug store.

Price: 4,900 yen.

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Not necessary. They sell these in the UK, expensive and pointless.

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Just got back from a cruise, and they had something similar all over the ship.

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Well considering you'd touch it before washing your hands then I don't think it makes a difference.

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I got something similar at less than half the price. That company was really shrewd - the plastic jar just couldn't be opened, so I drilled a hole in the top and bought the company's cheap refills which came in plastic bags. They were forcing customers to buy new plastic jars which cost 600 yen. The refills I got were less than 200 yen. Make sure you get the same company's product if using the foam type - I prefer these to the liquid type.

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Not good. Also Mitsubishi hand dryer is also not good because your hand touches the dryer and the force of air splashes the wet hands

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why was that company selling refills if their jars couldn’t be opened? Where do they expect people to use the refills?

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The company had two types of dispensers - one was automatic like the one above. The other was an ordinary pump which you pressed - just a few hundred yen. The refills were different - the former used the 600 yen jars, the latter

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