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Not just for burning: Innovative Japanese cord incense is great for all kinds of creative projects

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By grape Japan

You see what looks like a collection of fancy embroidery thread in various appealing colors.

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But as you're admiring them, you can detect a blend of fragrances wafting through the air. "Hmm, is that nice smell coming from the embroidery thread," you wonder.

Actually, it's not embroidery thread, it's incense in cord form.

Aroma Cord is an unusual, innovative type of corded incense that lets you enjoy authentic fragrances in a casual and creative way.

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Each set includes an incense clip and a non-flammable mat along with a length of Aroma Cord incense.

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If you use an incense clip, you can burn the desired length without cutting the cord. The approximate burning time is about 8 minutes for a 10 cm length, with a total of 2 meters per package.

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Not just for burning: Unbind your creativity

Of course, you can use Aroma Cord like traditional incense to burn and enjoy, but with a bit of imagination, you can come up with all kinds of other ways to put Aroma Cord to use.

For example, you can fashion it into a bracelet or anklet, tie it into a decorative element and wear it as a pendant.

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Or tie it into elegant mizuhiki ribbons for decoration.

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Or use them to add a bit of color and pleasant fragrance as the finishing touch to your gift wrapping.

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The recipient will surely be delighted with the wonderful aroma wafting through the air.

The colorful "Aroma Cord" series comes in a total of nine different colors and scents.

Aroma Cord is a new type of incense that allows you to enjoy fragrance easily without even needing to burn it. You can enjoy different colors and scents according to your mood.

We also recommend this colorful incense if you're looking for a small gift.

Check out the Aroma cord incense line at grape SHOP. (We use WorldShopping Global. The grape SHOP page is in Japanese, but if you see the WorldShopping widget appear at the bottom of the page, that product can be shipped overseas).

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I guess, buying and burning those unhealthy incense cords is surely quite a big favorite among the same people who otherwise would radically complain about tobacco smokers and warn them of acquiring lung cancer. ROFL

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