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Not your ordinary face mask, introducing the Privacy Mask by Canon


The COVID-19 pandemic has made wearing face masks more commonplace not just in Japan but all over the world. Face masks can slow the transmission of diseases and protect those with prior health complications from infection.

Nowadays, there are a variety of different masks for different occasions. From fashionable cloth masks to regular medical masks, there’s now a new kind of mask that is set to enter the market. This new sound-reducing mask by Canon is made to maintain the privacy of your online meetings as you have them out of the office.


In April, the Privacy Talk MD-100-GY is set to hit the shelves. Essentially a cloth-type face mask equipped with earphones, a microphone and a fan it aims to reduce the amount of noise by 20 dB. When in use, it’ll help maintain the confidentiality of your meeting if you can’t be at the office or in a conference room. It only takes a few seconds to start up and is Bluetooth-compatible.

Priced at ¥23,650, you can buy it directly from the Canon online shop.

Source: Canon

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Alternatively save over 20,000 yen by taking the elevator a couple of floors up or down and visit an unoccupied lavatory…

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Some put on masks to hide their identity, or for cosmetic conditions, or just to say Don't Bother Me, or to keep warm, but many just to intimidate the Maskless.

I find it very interesting that in general Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese are more likely to put on a mask!??? why is that?

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Canon would do well to produce hearing aids for the elderly gentlemen complaining about their hearing here.

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""There's more to communicating that just the voice. I'm so sick of people mumbling away with a mask ""

Yes, well said. I am struggling daily trying to just understand what people are Mumbling to me and now they won't understand me either, PERFECT.

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sold on Ali already!!

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Looks like half a bra to me.

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At that price, I hope the thing is washable.

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