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NW-A100 Sony Walkman


Sony is releasing its new NW-A100 series Walkman from Nov 2. 

The new series is innovative in that the high-resolution audio function that brings out a rich sound experience can be applied not only to songs transferred from CDs, but also songs streamed on services like Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and Apple Music. 

The screen is a bit larger than that of previous models to make it easier to handle the touch screen. The Walkman can be connected to a USB Type-C cable, which is another innovative change for the series.

The NW-A100 type comes in a variety of colors including red, black, ash green, orange and blue. 

Price: 32,000 yen + tax

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Dear Sony people use smartphones for music its 2019

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Yeah, it's a niche product, looks like a good one (but too expensive for me)

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@Kobe White Bar Owner

Why is it so hard for people to understand that the Walkman brand IS NO LONGER a brand for your average Joe looking to listen to music through some cheap earbuds and and MP3 player.

You buy a Walkman because you have a quality pair of headphones (and not the earpods that came with your iPhone) and want to drive them to their fullest capability. From a higher quality DAC that can support higher end headphones that would sound too quiet on a smartphone, to Hi Res Audio certification for CD quality.

Having said that, I still expect people to downvote my comment. Dunno, is it rocket science? Why is it so hard to understand...

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I love music over 2000 lps and shipped to japan from the uk. my home system is lovely and runs from a computer but when im on the go i use my phone like 99% of thinking people. Sony trying to revive the walkman is like raleigh trying to bring back the chopper. I was great still is but has its place, plus many free apps give users the chance to improve and change how the hear the music supplied from said phone.

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There's very clearly a very sizeable market for these products. It's the audiophile market. Apart from Sony, there are plenty of other makers, like Japan's Onkyo and Pioneer, South Korea's Astell & Kern, and China's Fiio, among many others that make similar high end products. Some people don't prefer listening to Hi Fi systems but with headphones. And, like I said previously, high end headphones, like Audio Technica's M series, or high end Denon D series headphones (for ex. The D7200) can not be driven by a mere smartphone. They sound too quiet, weak, and with no color. Heck, even smartphone-optimized headphones, like Pioneer's SE-MHR5, sound much better and full. Just as there's a market for high quality speakers, amplifiers, receivers, and even Mini Hi Fi systems (from the likes of Yamaha and Denon, Dali and Cambridge Audio, etc), there's a market for quality headphone and DAP gear.

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When my wife bought a Sony player a few years ago, the firmware was in one language - Japanese - and it was extremely user unfriendly anyway in any language. File transfering was unfathomable.

The FM radio tuner had the frequency band unique to Japan, which was a waste, since she wanted to use it overseas.

Now the unit collects dust. We have vowed to never again buy a Sony product.

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Everything you said is listed as information on the Japanese Sony site of the product.

The fact that you're not buying another Sony product because you didn't research the product sufficiently before buying it is ridiculous. Sony sells a Japanese-only product/version for Japan only, so it's only right it's locked to the Japanese language only, and with the Japanese radio bands. If your wife wanted to use it overseas, why didn't she buy it from overseas?

As for file transferring, if I recall correctly Sony had a driver up on their site for download before moving to Android based players, so you could easily connect the device to a PC/Mac.


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