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OCEANUS MANTA watch with improved usability of world time


Casio Computer Co will release a new OCEANUS watch, the OCW-S2400, from its premium “OCEANUS MANTA” series, on Oct 27.

OCEANUS MANTA watches are slim, solar-powered, radio-controlled chronograph watches with elegantly designed full metal cases.

The new OCEANUS “OCW-S2400” watch is a flagship model embodying the OCEANUS brand concept of “Elegance and Technology,” and includes the following features:

-- Smart Access: Independently drives the centrally positioned hour, minute, and second hands using separate motors, enabling operation of features at a high level and improving usability of World Time (World Time: displays the current time in 29 cities in 29 time zones around the world).

-- Dual Time Display: By placing a big World Time inset dial next to the 3:00 crown, the wearer can simultaneously read both their home time and the world time. City settings for home time and world time can be adjusted using the crown, and wearers can switch easily between both times by pushing a button.

-- Dual curve sapphire glass with a non-glare coating on both sides that helps emphasize the beauty of the face design: A face design with a new layout of inset dials also allows for a high level of visibility.

The new models will be priced between 150,000 and 155,000 yen (before tax).

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I guess that's why it's called "MANTA." You gotta pay a lot MAN TA buy it. At 15-man, I'll pass. I'll stick to my Tough Solar G-Shock, which does the same thing for about 10 times less.

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What? 15-man????? It just looks like a regular watch! Sorry, a no go. Who comes up with these products for this column, I wonder?

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Japanese companies are at the cutting edge for using technology for retail gadgets. There will be buyers and if they sell in large numbers, China or Taiwan will unashamedly copy them like their own. I trust in Japanese products.

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150,000 yen?? Just a bit too expensive and my Iphone does the same and more with out even downloading any applications that cost a bit of money, and if I do down load an app. it will do more for only a FEW YEN!

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