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Dretec Co, a kitchen goods supplier, is marketing a stainless kettle that quickly boils the amount of water needed, whether it is one or half a cup. It comes in handy especially on busy mornings when boiling water in a pot can take forever or when only a small amount of boiled water is needed. The kettle switches off automatically after the water is boiled. Price: approximately 4,000 yen. Sales start in mid-June.

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I find that boiling my water on gas is even quicker.

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Me too Foxie

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How big is this exactly? It says I can boil the amount of water needed quickly but seems to suggest the max is a cup.

''quickly boils the amount of water needed, whether it is one or half a cup.''

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How does it boil the water quicker than using the gas range? If you want a cup of boiled water, get a pan, put in a cup of water, turn on the gas, put a lid on it. Wait. I suppose this kettle uses nuclear rods or something?

And it doesn't take 'forever' to boil water in the morning. It just seems like forever because you're in a hurry.

Am I irritated at something, or what? Picky, picky.

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what i dont like is that always my boiling jug gets build up of white crust, is there something in the water here like too much flouride or not enough???

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mrskit: "in the water here"... well we don't know where you are (Japan somewhere?) but my guess is you have calcium in the water, common in many areas throughout the world. Nothing wrong with it, but it gradually slows down the efficiency of your device, so you need to treat it occasionally with something designed to dissolve the stuff.

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nanda,,,,i would assume that 99.9% of posters are living in Japan? if not , then weird,,,, yes, in Japan, because in NZ and Australia I never needed to clean our boiling jug,,,only here,,,,so was just wondering what was different in the chemical compounds of water thank you for your insight that it is probably calcium,,,,

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That white buildup is calcium, just drop a de-calc tablet in it every now and than and boil up a batch of water and dump it. Ditto for a Coffee-maker if you got one, pretty common problem across the globe.

As for 99.9% of posters living in japan I would be surprised if the number exceeds 60%(more like 40%, IMO).

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The quality of the water differs greatly within Japan. Mostly it's soft water (with little to no calcium buildup) taken from rivers and reservoirs, but in some areas they use underground or well water, which is quite hard. Some people say that hard water is better for the health because of the trace minerals in it, but soft water tastes better in tea and coffee and is essential for making good sake or whisky. (Or so I've been told)

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Stainless steel knock-off of T-Fal.

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Y4000 on the boil !

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