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The EyeClops is the kind of toy we wish we’d had as kids. Your kids will go nuts over this chunky bionic eye, which can be wired up to a TV and used to examine the world around you at magnifications of 100x, 200x or 400x. And, take it from us, that’s big. The manual recommends inspecting your household pets with the EyeClops, or jumping around and then using it to “check out the tiny beads of sweat as they exit the pores of your skin!” We’re amazed that any self-respecting kid would actually need a manual to tell them stuff like that, but never mind.

EyeClops, 7,980 yen. Available from major toy and department stores.

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what for..again?

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Its similar to a device that you see at the cosmetic counters for women where they check there skin pores for blemishes. It's pretty scary.

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Kids will be kids and they will be checking out more that skin pores. My granddaughter is a nature buff and I know she would have fun with this.

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Good idea for kids. I've seen some usb microscopes for computers but this should be even better. It's a nice way to get them interested in the world.

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I would suppose that storing images would be difficult? I guess you could record them on video or take screen shots?

To me the advantages of the USB microscopes was that the images were easy to manage.

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