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Open mail with the awesome Sailor Uranus Space Sword

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

From jewellery to wallets and shimmering beauty powder, Premium Bandai, Japan’s popular distributor of official merchandise, has everything a "Sailor Moon" fan could ever need. Now they’re bringing out a new product as part of the Sailor Moon Crystal Stationery range, and it’s every bit as beautiful as the magical talisman from the anime series.

The gorgeous letter opener is modelled on the Space Sword used by Sailor Uranus in the "Sailor Moon" franchise. With an antique-style royal blue and silver-plated handle, the jewel-encrusted blade looks just as it does in the anime, with a row of yellow, red, and blue stones embedded on both sides, which give it a sparkling transparency when looked through in the light.

Made from a zinc die-cast metal material, the 17-centimeter sword has some weight to it, which helps to bring a clean cut to opening your mail.

In place of a jewel-encrusted sheath, the letter opener comes in a soft cotton pouch for storage.

Included in the letter opener set are five beautifully decorated pearlescent envelopes with Sailor Uranus’ “Space Sword Blaster!” attack written on the back of each. Sailor Uranus also appears on the boxed packaging, looking gorgeous in glistening gold.

The Space Sword Letter Opener is on sale for a limited time for 4,320 yen. Available to purchase from the official Premium Bandai website, nationwide deliveries are scheduled for January 2017.

Source: @Press

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