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Orion beer gives a toast to sea protection with pristine blue Southern Star cans

By grape Japan

For beer lovers in Okinawa, the go-to is Orion Beer. The mild and fresh lager is a very common sight among those enjoying the beautiful beaches of Japan's southern island, and now the brewery seems to be doing what it can to remind people to not take the idea of enjoying those pristine beaches and refreshing beer for granted.

For a limited time, Orion will be releasing a specially designed can of its "Orion Southern Star" happoshu low malt beer in hopes of raising awareness for the prefecture's Red Soil Runoff Prevention Project.

The project, which Orion supports in addition to regular beach cleanups, aims to to stop the flow of red soil, which is a natural resource for growing sugar cane and pineapples, as well as a raw material for making traditional shisa and red tiles, from flowing into the Churaumi sea.

The cans, available in limited quantity from mid-May, feature whales swimming through clear ocean water and decorative sunflowers, as well as information regarding the project, which aims to protect the emerald green nature of the Churaumi sea from red soil runoff caused by frequent heavy rain in the area.

More information regarding the project can be found at the official website.

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Beer cans are lined with plastic. Not only is it a good idea to cut down on plastic use for the sake of the environment, but the plastic used in beer cans contains BPAs which is a harmful chemical and which can enter the beer. Much, much better for your health and for the environment to buy bottled beer.

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Tokyo-m, yes the BPAs aren't well known among consumers. Further, the heat required to smelt aluminum is much higher than for glass, so it's two thumbs down for cans. But marketing departments love cans the inks and colours really pop on a can.

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I have cooked sausage and mash with a beer and onion gravy.

But to actually drink onion beer?

It reminds me of a skit on the pleasures of brussel sprout beer

0 ( +0 / -0 )

@itsonlyrocknroll It's ORION beer not ONION beer!

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