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Oven ideal for steamed meals


For those who wish to expand their culinary skills, Hitachi Appliances Inc has a brand new high temperature microwave-oven that easily cooks steamed meals, including the popular Chinese dim sum, which is difficult to cook with old models. The new model’s auto menu includes 371 dishes, 69 more than previous models. Price: approximately 140,000 yen. Sales start on June 10.

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371 dishes? Is roast turkey one of them or do you have to pay more than 140,000 to get an oven large enough to roast a turkey?

I suppose, like most microwaves, its main use will be reheating coffee and tea.

Dim sum can be cooked in a rice cooker over the rice. Save your money.

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140,000 yen for a microwave oven ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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this is a joke, right???? who would pay that????

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140k... lol

Somethings are priced well, but this is really bad.

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Steamed TV dinners.

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Seems a bit high in price. My old stove broke down to many times SO I purchased a cheap Black & Decker small stove for thing like cook for 10 or 30 minutes & has worked for past 4 yrs, but must admit the hotplates on the old oven work & besides I do have a Microwave.

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"Popular Chinese dim sum"? Is it so common for Japanese households to feast on a plate of beef tripe dumplings or chicken feet for dinner?

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