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Panasonic to release deodorizing hanger

By Mayuko Uno

Panasonic Corp will release a hanger that can deodorize clothes by decomposing the odors of sweat, cigarette smoke, grilled meat, etc as well as reduce the amount of cedar pollen allergens.

The hanger, "Deodorizing Hanger MS-DH100," has the "Nanoe X" OH radical generation function. It will be released Sept 1, with a monthly production volume of 1,000 units and an expected retail price of about ¥20,000.

The MS-DH100 is thicker than normal hangers. It emits "Nanoe X" from eight ports. This structure makes it easy to send Nanoe X throughout clothes. With an accompanying cover for clothes, it becomes possible to care not only the inside of the clothes but also the outside and more effectively deodorize the clothes in the narrow space than in a closet.

The power consumption of the hanger is about 4.5W. It can continuously operate for about five hours in the "normal mode" and about seven hours in the "long mode," both of which cost less than ¥1 per use. It is powered by a household power outlet (AC100V) or a mobile battery.

The "QE-AL201" (capacity: 5,000mAh, rated output: DC5V, 1.8A) and "QE-AL301 (capacity: 7,500mAh, rated output: DC5V, 1.8A) batteries enable operation in the normal and long modes, respectively, about one time. The main unit of the hanger is not equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery.

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This article explains nothing. What is Nanoe X and how does it do all the things the article claims?

I smell snake oil.

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If your clothes smell so bad they need deodorizing they should be washed or dry cleaned.

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Nippori NickToday  12:09 am JST

If your clothes smell so bad they need deodorizing they should be washed or dry cleaned.

Bingo. Who the hell hangs up stinky clothes on a hangar? It''ll stink up everything else in the closet that's hanging on a hangar. Umm....unless they already stink I guess.

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Having to plug it in is going to be painful, most of the time closets do not have good access to powerpoints, and a mobile battery seems like it'll just be a hassle.

If they can invent a version that also manages to iron the clothes, that'll be worth buying, the Panasonic steam irons are great.

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This is for if you happen to live many kilometers from a water source or your dry cleaners are on strike

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