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PC glasses


Elecom is selling PC glasses which cut blue light by 65% and reduces your eye strain caused by staring at smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Available colors are brown, green, gray, navy, pink, and wine red.

Price: Open Weight: 16g

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Thinking this is money grab is there any scientific evidence that cutting blue light waves reduces eye strain? You know you can just reduce the brightness of your screen (or would that be too hard?)

Reminds me of those screen shades from the 90's computers, what a waste.

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I bought a pair of these bluelight reducing glasses, wanting to preserve my (currently perfect) eyesight since i am in front of a computer 10+ hours a day for work and leasure.

But I get headaches after wearing them for more than an hour... what gives!

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afanofjapan: Japanese made glasses by design squeeze your head to stay in place as Japanese people don't have a large bridge on their nose to hold the glasses up. As if you are a big headed foreigner even more so.

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Not a big head but do have a 'tall nose' as the typical compliment goes.

Think the cool slimline design doesnt help either. Not used to having my vision 'framed' by the lens frames; something that is constantly out of focus but within my peripheral vision.

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Although I'm not sure if cutting blue light will reduce eye strain, there is evidence that blue light is actually damaging to the eyes, which will not be eliminated by reducing the brightness


I actually have a pair and although I never got eye strain even before I bought the glasses, I find that now I find the screen "too bright" when I look at it without the glasses (and my brightness is set lower than most people).

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