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Pencil case holder that stands upright


King Jim Co has created a new vertical pencil case holder that has a built-in suction pad on the bottom that fastens it firmly to the surface of a desk. The cap on the top can also be taken off to store small items like erasers and clips.

Vertical pen cases have been trending lately, but users complain of them toppling over easily and needing to fill the space with many pencils in order to make them stable. King Jim’s new pencil case solves such problems and its compact size is perfect for work meetings and exams.

The case holder will be on sale from Feb 27.

Comes in colors pink, red, yellow, green, blue, and black. The small size is 950 yen and the medium size is 1200 yen.

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“Pencil case holder that stands upright“

A holder for a pencil case? Or just an upright pencil case?

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I too am confused

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Aka, a slender jar.

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