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Pencil rejuvenator

By Scott Wilson, RocketNews24

We’ve all been there: the pencil that you’ve been using for weeks, maybe even months, has finally been sharpened down to a barely usable nub. It’s a pain to use, but at the same time, it’s an even bigger pain to have to get new pencils. Or maybe you feel bad throwing out a perfectly good, if incredibly awkward to hold, pencil.

But not anymore! Japanese company Nakajima Jukyudo recently released TSUNAGO, a “pencil rejuvenator” that turns small pencil stubs back into fully functional pencils. How exactly does it work? Check out the video below to see how the magic is done.

Nakajima Jukyudo is a Japanese pencil sharpener company that has been around since 1933.

But it’s their most recently product that’s been getting attention online. It’s called TSUNAGO (literally “let’s connect”), and even though it may look like a regular pencil sharpener at first, it’s actually a pencil extender/fastener, used to breathe new life into your worn down stubs.

After watching the video, you may have some questions, like: isn’t that an awful lot of work? Or, what happens to the erasers on the end of your pencils? Do you have to cut them off? Why not just use a mechanical pencil, or simply buy a new pencil?

If you asked any of those questions, then we agree. It seems like a lot of work for something that you usually fix in a second by simply grabbing a new pencil.

But apparently we’re in the minority here. Nakajima Jukyudo has taken over 4,000 preorders for TSUNAGO since they debuted it in January, and they recently had to stop taking any more since they wouldn’t be able to fill their existing orders. It makes more sense when you remember that in Japan, people are known to go to incredible extents to recycle and live eco-friendly. They also really like cute stuff.

If TSUNAGO sounds like something you’re interested in, then take a number; it’s going to be a while before they start selling them online again. But if you’re lucky enough to live in Japan, then you may be able to find them at stationery stores.

Source: Nakajima Jukyudo

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Thanks lucabrasi! I think you may be right.

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It sounds an awful lot like "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian. Only somehow in a major key....

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Trying to remember what the background music is... Anyone know?

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Awesome. I need to rejuvenate my pencil.

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