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Summer is a competitive time for beverage companies, who duke it out to get those thirsty, hot customers. Actually, manufacturers (as well as regular people) are still contending this year with a lean, electricity-short summer, a season when the demand for power understandably goes up. Amid all these circumstances, those of you who yearn for an unsweet soft drink should have a crack at Pepsi Black, coming mid-June.

There’s 50% less sugar and lemon flavor added, aiming for “satisfaction and a refreshing aftertaste” (read: “Just try it, you’ll like it”). To help pound the message home, the label is mostly monochrome.

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As long as it's not Suntory Chocolate Sparkling....that was the most confusing drink I've ever tried.

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Sounds interesting, wonder if it will be sold over in East Europe where I am?

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Sugar, no thanks.

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Will give it a try if I see it.

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It's missing one person to make it all better - Captain Morgan!

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I hope it's better than last year's Pepsi Dry. That was the worst cola I've ever tried.

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Wow that looks really black.! I rather enjoyed that chocolate drink and the azuki one too. Too bad they were taken off the market.

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I hear the newest Pepsi due out in July will be - get ready - Salty Watermelon!

Probably people who put salt on their watermelon will like this, lol.

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Just what Japan needs, another weak drink!!

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Just wondering what the black reference is to? Is there some sort of ingredient? Coal? Oil?

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Actually there was one Pepsi even worse than Pepsi Dry - that "monbran" / chestnut one - that was so bad I felt physically ill for a little while after taking just a few sips.

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As long as it's not Suntory Chocolate Sparkling....that was the most confusing drink I've ever tried

Like a car crash that you can't pull your eyes off of. Had to try it. Dreadful. The Kirin Mets looks like it comes from the same direction.

This Pepsi actually looks like it has promise, but I've been burned so many times by Pepsi spinoffs.

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