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Pepsi Special promises to restrict fat absorption


Pepsi has released a new cola in Japan that contains “fat-blockers” to help prevent the absorption of fat in the body. The secret to Pepsi Special’s fat-blocking power is dextrin, a fiber molecule that is said to prevent the digestive system from absorbing fat.

Low calorie beverages such as Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Next are already being sold in Japan, but this will be the newest fat reduction health food to be introduced to the cola market. Pepsi Special and other colas containing dextrin are actually certified by the Japanese government as a “food for specific health use.”

Each bottle of “health food” Pepsi costs 150 yen.

So go ahead and have that extra piece of cake. Just chug a Pepsi Special before you do. We’re sure the fat restricting magic in every bottle will snatch up all those extra calories.

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Better not to eat the fat in the first place and drink a cup of tea instead of this chemical concoction.

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My guess is that extra fat is also coming out the other end, so drinking extra water after drinking this stuff might not be a bad idea.

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"fat-blocker", eh? wonder how many bottles will i need around my apartment to block off my fat neighbors.

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I'm sorry, but Pepsi is just junk chemicals. Avoid at all cost and enjoy water and the panoply of plants around us. Sheesh.

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So, now next to Aspartame we have more "healthy" chemical garbage. Aspartame: You can get headaches from it, migraine, loss of taste, Tinnitus, dizziness, nausea and more. It's also very carcinogenic and you can even gain weight from it. And with this "fat blocker" you have even more nonsense screwing with your body. Manufacturers keep making that poison and the people keep buying poison. I don't get it...

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I think Ohayo mentioned it perfectly. If you cant digest oil, it will come out the other end. This is Oilestra deja-vu all over again. This will cause anal leakage, oily stools, and other extremely uncomfortable situations.

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Kirin "Mets Cola" has been on the market for a while now...and the fat blocking thing is one reason I have been drinking it instead of coke light (not that I drink much cola anyway). The women who work at the snack shop at my uni say Mets sells tons more than the other colas they have there. Looks like Pepsi is trying to muscle in on their success.

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