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In a city as crowded as Tokyo, having a pet can be more of a burden than a privilege. Micro Robotic Creatures and Bandai, however, have come up with a rather technological solution. The palm-sized robotic creatures known as Hex Bugs are not much of a substitution for a dog, but each comes equipped with light and sound sensors, which means you can control their movements with a slap on the table or by clapping your hands.

The crab-like bots can also sense and avoid objects that get in their way, as well as cower in the dark. Collect both the red and blue models, and take them on a walk around your living room.

Available at area department stores and toy retailers. (Laura Hibbard/Metropolis)

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Aren't the real one bad enough?

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"Aren't the real ones bad enough?"

Yeah, I got a dani bite last night! Grrr! Them bites itch!

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Additional Information:

2,625 yen

Wow, that's some mark-up! They're advertised for $10 - about 1000yen on the vexrobotics website. Why the disparity?

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Scratch my last comment! ($90.88) by UPS Saver - hehe!

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japanese people are lonely

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Sorry but they are not kawaii enough.

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OMG... must - have - army - of - robot - bugs. I will take over the world. Or, at the very least, have a great time for about an hour.

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