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By Jeff W Richards

The Eye-Fi card was a sharp idea when it first came on the market a couple of years ago. An SD card with wireless capability to deliver your snaps directly from camera to computer was not to be squinted at. We were leery, though, of the performance.

Now, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 levels up to an 8GB class-6 SD card that can instantly upload jpegs, RAW files and video directly to your computer and most photo-sharing sites, including Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, SmugMug, Picasa and more. It features a Direct Mode that lets you transfer files over 3G to your iPhone/iPad/Android from wherever you are. Softbank users can even purchase a branded non-Pro version to take all the guesswork out of tweaking the settings.

One new feature of the Pro X2 we really like is Endless Mode, which frees up card-space by automatically delivering the oldest pics to your specified network/device. You still need to use their software to get the photos on to your computer, which should be no problem for most users, but there are workarounds for Lightroom or Aperture users. The Eye-Fi Pro X2 uses a speedy and secure 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi network to deliver the goods, adds instant geo-tagging ability to any camera without it, and allows the storage of up to 32 different networks on the card (like you’re really going to need them).

Eye Fi Pro X2 8GB. Available at Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera,, Rakuten and more. 9,980 yen.

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Friends who've bought this and used the card for both business and leisure rave about it, and say it's well worth the price (especially for those with cameras lacking built-in wireless capability).

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finally makes an entrance in Japan.It would be useful in Japan where there is a good wifi and 3G coverage.Interested.

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finally makes an entrance in Japan.It would be useful in Japan where there is a good wifi and 3G coverage.Interested.

It's been around for a while here. Curious where you see good wifi - in my neck of the woods there is very little wifi coverage; McDonalds, maybe!

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I just usually thieve bandwidth from the vast amount of noobs who don't set security caps on their wifi networks. :) compared to my hometown in Australia where nobody has wifi set up and so many places are out of range of even 3G , I am happy with the Wifi here.

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