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Pikachu tropical gummies

By grape Japan

Pikachu seems to have quite the affinity for being reproduced as tropical flavored sweets in Japan, as seen recently with the new Pikachu Golden Pineapple Gari Gari Kun popsicle bars. Now the flagship Pokemon has is lending his likeness to one of Japan's most popular gummy candies, Pure, with a new "electric tropical" flavor that comes in four adorable packages.

The gummies, which are shaped as miniature Pikachus, are a mixed tropical flavor of banana, pineapple, and manga juice, but have a fizzy soda finish to replicate Pikachu's shocking move set.


Other Pure gummy packages marked with Pikachu foot prints will also contain hidden Pikachu gummies.


The limited release will become officially available in Japan starting June 2. Just look for any of the below adorable Pikachu-design bags.


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