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Plastic straw alternatives go tropical with Okinawa’s pineapple leaf straws

By grape Japan

Under the slogan "towards a tomorrow where nothing is thrown away," Food Ribbon is a manufacturer that has been developing products and battling food waste by extracting fibers from leftover pineapple leaves, which would normally be thrown away, and transforming them into clothing.

Their latest effort is a straw made from leftover pineapple leaf fiber. Food Ribbon touts the straws as an environmentally friendly product made of a natural material that is biodegradable, combining PLA (polylactic acid/corn starch) with cellulose residue from the extraction of fibers from the leaves that were left in the field after the fruit was harvested and discarded.


At the beginning of April, the company began shipping the straws to hotels and businesses in Okinawa as a means of promoting SDG conscious efforts, and plans to expand sell them throughout Japan and overseas as well through their online store.

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Some good news! Phew

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Or you could just lick your lips after drinking. Most other mammals can do it.

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The vast majority of people do NOT need straws in the first place. Unless you're bedridden, or have a health condition, or drinking milkshake, there really is no excuse for the waste. I really do wish cafes in Japan would stop giving out straws to people drinking iced tea, etc.

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Okay. So, "I have a pen. I have a pineapple. I have a pineapple pen." is now becoming reality.

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