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Play hard and study hard with a new Demon Slayer toy

By Mochijapa, grape Japan

Do your children love "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba?"

Do they want to have a smartphone?

Sega Toys Co Ltd will make their wishes come true. Kimetsu no Yaiba POD, a smartphone-shaped toy, will be released on July 29.

Photo: PR Times

It comes in three colors: green (Tanjiro Kamado color), pink (Nezuko Kamado), and purple (Shinobu Kocho).

Take pictures with the characters

This is a kid’s toy, but it has many features just like a real smartphone.

First, the users can take pictures with its front and rear-facing cameras.

It has facial recognition. As the official website shows, using pre-installed foregrounds, you can take pictures with Demon Slayer’s characters, ranging from main characters such as Nezuko and Zenitsu to Hashira* members such as Mitsuri Kanroji, Shinobu Kocho, and Tengen Uzui.

  • The Hashira (柱 lit. "pillars") are the most powerful and skilled warriors in the Demon Slayer Corps.


For example, you can take pictures with Shinobu Kocho, Insect Hashira.

Enjoy voice messages & text messages from characters

Secondly, users can receive voice messages and text messages from the characters! You’ll hear famous lines such as “Total Concentration! Water Breathing!” or “You did a good job holding your ground until I got here. Leave the rest to me.” Over 160 lines from 42 characters in total are available.

Thirdly, it has fun game apps. For example, action games where the player guides characters to complete objectives and a game modeled after the training Tanjiro did in the story.

Now, you might think: "What if my kids won’t study at all?"

Don’t worry! The fourth feature is learning apps! Kids can learn Japanese (kanji included), arithmetic, English, and even programming! Fun learning is the best way to study any subject.

Now, it’s time to say “Total Concentration! Kimetsu no Yaiba POD Breathing”! Play hard and study hard with a new Demon Slayer toy.


Product information

Target Age:6 years or older

Price:10,780 yen(tax included)

Release:July 29


Note: You may need to use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express if you'd like to have it shipped internationally.

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