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E-money is big business in Japan. But despite the advances in coverage over the past few years, users are still confronted by an eternal problem: knowing how much money is actually left on their card. Or, er, cards.

The Relet guarantees that you’ll never be caught short at the cash register again: simply slip your IC card in, push the button on the front, and you’ll get an instant read-out. Barely thicker than the average credit card, it’s compatible with all of the major names in the field, including Suica, Pasmo, Edy and Nanaco. We suspect that this is a niche too far, but you never know.

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'Too expensive... No thank you. Besides, i've acquired a habit of recording all my expenses in my iPhone (active money App)

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How's it niche if it covers a range of cards?

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Oh wait, I thought it was the card itself, usable for multi platforms. A reader... yep... niche...

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hey, I thought I had 8,400 yen on my card...what the...??! oh yeah, this Relet thing...

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This will be a great help to criminals such a pickpockets.

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I use cash so it's easy for me to know what my balance is...

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