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Pokemon Moomoo Milk-flavor cookies

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

To the Trainers who wander the worlds of the Pokemon video games and anime, Pocket Monsters are animal companions to go on adventures and enter fighting tournaments with. Not all Pokemon lead such action-packed lives, though. For example, off of Route 39 in the Johto Region you’ll find Moomoo Farm, where the dairy ranchers raise Miltank.

The Miltank are milked to make the farm’s signature product, Moomoo Milk. In the Pokemon games it’s a usable item that restores your injured Pokemon’s health, and it’s also been shown as a refreshing beverage for humans in the anime. Now, though, it’s Moomoo Milk’s turn to become a real-life food, thanks to this team-up with Koala’s March.

Lotte, maker of the beloved chocolate-filled cookie snacks, has announced that the newest Koala’s March flavor will be Moomoo Milk, which is based on the flavor of cheesecake. As always, you can expect a variety of cute koala illustrations on the cookies, but for the Moomoo Milk flavor they’ll be joined by 48 different Pokemon species.

The full cast hasn’t been announced, but Pikachu is naturally accounted for, as are Chikorita, Musharna, Turtwig, Stantler, Cleffa, Bewear, Zebstrika, and Komala.

Eevee, Charizard, and Cinderace also seem like shoo-ins, seeing as how they grace the three different boxes for the crossover cookies.

The Moomoo Milk Koala’s March go on sale Tuesday at convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan, with a suggested price of 100 yen.

Sources: PR Times, Lotte

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