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Pokemon Tokyo Banana’s latest offering is Pikachu and Eevee chocolate cookie sandwiches

By Krista Rogers, SoraNews24

Tokyo Banana, the most popular and recognizable sweets souvenir brand from Tokyo, has previously teamed up with adorable Pocket Monsters such as Pikachu, Eevee, and Piplup for special Pokemon Tokyo Banana collaborations. The latest new series in this line is called Pokemon Tokyo Banana: Protruding Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches, which went on sale on September 16.

The new series features perpetual Pokemon favorites Pikachu and Eevee.

We have to say, both the packaging and the cookies themselves are just too, too cute.


The “protruding” part of its name comes from the piece of chocolate sandwiched between two crispy cookies, which feature an image of one of the two Pokemon. Each Pokemon has its own unique flavor as well, with the Pikachu cookies sporting banana yogurt flavor and the Eevee cookies sporting caramel macchiato flavor.


Like previous series in the line, each Pokemon also comes in six different cookie designs which are randomly sorted into each box and add to the fun.


The number of cookies of each Pokemon is evenly split whether you opt for the smaller box with a total of 12 cookies or the larger box with a total of 24 cookies. Even the outside packaging of each individual cookie varies as well.


To celebrate the new release, designated retail locations are also offering a promotional campaign with special mini envelopes to give away on a first-come, first-served basis. You can receive one envelope per transaction while supplies last. The individual locations include shops at JR Tokyo Station, Tokyo Solamachi, Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport), and Chubu Centrair International Airport.


The Pokemon Tokyo Banana: Protruding Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches cost 1,188 yen for a box of 12 (featuring six Pikachu and six Eevee cookies) or 2,268 yen for a box of 24 (featuring 12 Pikachu and 12 Eevee cookies).

Source, images: PR Times

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We have to say, both the packaging and the cookies themselves are just too, too cute.

Works of art. At least you can save the packagings after eating the cookies.

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PIKA PIKA !!!!..

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