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Pollen-blocking coat now available in Japan can help you fight hay fever

By Ben K, grape Japan

While the unseasonably warm winter season in Japan this year is ideal for those who can't stand the cold, there's a downside to that temporary comfort. Those mild temperatures are going to give plants and flowers an early wakeup call, and that's bad news for those who suffer from hay fever.

In Japan, the primary pollen producers are sugi 杉 cedar and hinoki 檜 cypress trees. Those who are sensitive to hay fever should begin feeling the effects as early as February 10th, with the peak of the cedar pollen from late February to late March and spruce pollen in April in the Tokyo area.

In addition to the usual arsenal of masks, antihistamines, eye drops and the like, there's a new way of protecting yourself against hay fever this year.

Fashion brand Nano Universe is now selling what they're billing as a "pollen barrier" coat. A spring coat made of water-repellent nylon grosgrain, it's specially treated so that pollen doesn't easily adhere to the surface, making it a useful new ally in your fight against hay fever.

The coat is available exclusively on the web, where you can preorder all three types (Scheduled to be delivered in mid-February).

Pollen Barrier Collarless Coat

Name : 花粉バリア対応ノーカラーコート

Translation (English): Pollen Barrier Collarless Coat

Price: 11,000 yen (including tax)

Availability: Exclusively online here (preorders)

Pollen Barrier Long Hooded Coat

Name : 花粉バリア対応ロングフードコート

Translation (English): Pollen Barrier Long Hooded Coat

Price: 9,680 yen (including tax)

Availability: Exclusively online here (preorders)

For more information on the series, visit Nano Universe's online store here.

Source: PR Times

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