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Portable digital TV player


The BTV-410 is a new small portable digital TV player from Bluedot Co. The screen size is 4 inches and it has a built-in battery which lasts about four hours.

Price: About 10,000 yen.

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very rare to see such reasonably priced product in this coloumn, looks attractive.

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Looks attractive, but now a days, mobile cell phone also same application. Many mobile phone can watch TV easily. I wonder people buy only this portable digital TV player.

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The reception on my phone is garbage, despite actually having an antennae. Also, you can't watch TV and send a mail at the same time on a cell phone. Also, you could set this up and your car and it would require less fiddling that taking out your cell just to fold it up again when you exit the car. For true TV junkies, this is a boon!

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In the age of internet streaming, unless you're out in the boondocks, this is ten years too late. The design is also old-school transistor radio-ish.

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it is market-oriented idea start develop a antenna small and universal for reception CNN satellite and others TV stations with one small universal antenna and portable and compact.

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