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Pre-bottled matcha latte drink

By Dale Roll, SoraNews24

Let’s be honest–everyone is a sucker for beautiful packaging, and Japan is definitely good at it. That’s why this pre-bottled matcha latte drink by Kyoto Uji Matcha seller Matcha Republic has been trending on social media. With a bottle that looks like an ink bottle, this beautiful design is supremely Instagrammable.

It’s so popular that it’s sold over 1.5 million units on Matcha Republic’s online store. And now, though it’s usually only available online, for an extremely limited time this beautiful matcha drink is going to be available in a Tokyo department store, together with some gorgeous limited-edition sweets.


Matcha Republic’s temporary pop-up stall is in the Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs B2 Food Stage from until July 28. There, they’ll be selling a limited edition version of their Matcha Ink drink, a Premium Matcha Latte, for 681 yen. Made with handpicked, stone-ground, roasted Uji matcha leaves, it’s guaranteed to have the ultimate matcha flavor and fragrance.


They’ll also be selling a special Hikarie version of their Matcha Panacotta Set, which is a popular item on their online store. The Tea Jar Matcha Panacotta (Hikarie Limited Version) is melt-in-your-mouth soft with a refined flavor that any matcha sweets lover will adore. It sells individually for 681 yen, or as a set of four for 3,001 yen.


Lastly, you can take advantage of a special presale of their new matcha cake, the Premium Golden Uchi Matcha Castella (2,381 yen). Made with stone-ground roasted Uji matcha leaves and garnished with Kanazawa gold leaf, this sweet is a luxury treat made for fancy occasions.


The packaging, decorated with a golden phoenix like the one on the roof of Uji’s Byodoin Temple, is also stunning, so it would make a beautiful gift.


If you buy any of these limited-edition products, you’ll get to take them home in a snazzy clear shopping bag, printed with the Matcha Republic logo. With your beautifully packaged goods inside and clearly visible to all, you can carry your purchases with pride. You can also buy the shopping bag as part of a set on their online store, but what’s the fun of having it if you can’t show off what you purchased inside?


So if you’re matcha fan, and a fan of beautiful packaging, definitely check out the pop-up stall in the B2 level of the Hikarie department store in Shibuya before it’s gone in two weeks, and for more matcha deliciousness, make sure to hit up Krispy Kreme this summer for their tasty Matcha Monblanc donut and Azuki Matcha latte.

Source, images: PR Times

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No need to drink it-just look at it…

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I'm a huge matcha fan. I only wish that I could try it, it all looks so good. :)

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