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Image: Thanko
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Prepare for warmer days with newest version of Thanko cooling vest


Now that we’ve done away with all our winter coats and sweaters, it’s time to ready ourselves for the upcoming spring-to-summer transition. Days are longer, the temperature is higher and soon enough we might even go through another cycle of record-breaking heatwaves. Japan is no stranger to hot and humid days. There have been a plethora of inventions to help beat the heat: cooling wipes, handheld articulating fans and special UV-blocking umbrellas to name a few. With each year that passes, Japan seems to push the envelope with even more of these inventions the likes of which include seemingly “airconditioned clothing.” 

Now on its third update, the Thanko Cooling Vest is back and better than ever. Featuring the same sizing range from M to 5L, the vest is now equipped with a Peltier cooling system targeted at the center of the back. When switched on, the plate can go as cold as -19 Celsius keeping you cool all day. Additionally, the sides of the vest have two fans to regulate and draw in air. The vest makes use of USB cable charging and is available in three colors: black, gray and navy blue. 

Buy it online or in-store for ¥19,800.

Source: Thanko

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I truly sympathize with the majority of people, who are facing another tough summer. For those of us living along the California coast, last summer was idyllic. I have no intention of leaving. I have talked to many who have left, and the recurring refrain among them is that they regret having moved away.

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That is expensive. No battery swap out.

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I'm not convinced that the teeny tiny peltier element will do much of anything (except, if they really push it to cool down to -19°C, give you a postage stamp sized ice burn on your neck).

1 ( +4 / -3 )

The irony.

More climate warming emissions from these products which will create huge piles of non-recyclable landfill.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

This will be a hit with those guys addicted to their jackets and ties in the 40 degree heat

0 ( +2 / -2 )

I'll stick to t shirts, suncream and iced water thanks.

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