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'Pride' potato chips


There’s nothing more relaxing than spending Saturday nights sitting on the couch, munching on potato chips while watching an enjoyable movie. Potato chips have long been a favorite snack for many, from young to old. In Japan, Calbee and Koikeya have been leading the chips industry for many years. Koikeya has three three irresistible flavors in its new “Koikeya Pride Potato” brand (¥160 for each): Secret Rich Salt Seaweed, Hint of Matsutake Broth and Tempting Roasted Wagyu Beef.

The new line, only slightly more pricy compared to other products from the company, was created under the concept of going back to the origins of Koikeya, where every chip is deep fried. The crispy yet soft potato and the umami in the seasoning make “Pride Potato” potato chips like no other. Ever since it was first sold in local stores on Feb 13, fans have been rushing to grab their bag, and currently, the matsutake and wagyu beef flavors are out of stock.

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Makes me "proud"

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the umami in the seasoning

which, according to the link is:

調味料(アミノ酸等)flavourings (amino acids, etc.)

shorthand, friends, for MSG. Have a great day!

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