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Pringles Japanese egg sandwich-flavor potato chips

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Starbucks and KitKat get a lot of praise, and deservedly so, for the way they’ve assimilated to the Japanese market by incorporating traditional local flavors into their sweets, with their various matcha green tea treats being the best-known and loved. But another overseas-origin brand, Pringles, also does a lot to satisfy cravings, of the salty variety, with an adaptive Japanese flair.

Among Pringle’s just-for-Japan chips we’ve seen karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken) and takoyaki (octopus balls), and right now they’re saluting another unpretentious Japanese foodie favorite with Egg Sandwich Pringles.

Sort of like Japanese Pringles themselves, Japan’s take on egg sandwiches, or tamago sando as they’re called in Japanese, is a fusion of East and West. Both egg salad and sandwiches were foreign culinary introductions to the Japanese diet, but several generations later, Japanese egg salad has evolved into its own style, creamy and with hardly a hint of sourness, letting the flavor of the egg stand largely on its own without heavy or distracting seasonings.

▼ A typical Japanese egg sandwich


That’s the sort of taste Pringles Japan is promising for its Egg Sandwich chips, which it describes as “full of abundantly rich flavor and umami,” even as it indirectly acknowledges how unusual the concept of egg salad-flavored chips may seem to some people with “The flavor works surprisingly well as a chip.” The company also says that the chips are made with “egg salad fragrance,” which you might get a gust of when opening the can.

Speaking of the can, Pringles would like you to notice the smiling face of their newly redesigned mascot character Mr. P, whose expression is meant convey the gentle happiness he feels every time he bites into one of the chips and is rewarded with the rich eggy taste.

Source: PR Times via Mylife News Network via Livedoor News

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When is an egg sandwich ever Japanese?

And egg sandwich ‘fragrance’ ?

You gotta be joking!

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Pringles are not potato chips.

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Pringles have about 42% potato content, imagine what is the rest.

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