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Privacy-protection film for netbooks


Sanwa Supply Corp has introduced a privacy-protection film for netbook monitors. Users can see the monitor through the film only from 60 degrees, while others cannot see it. The new series has films for 7.0-inch, 8.0-inch and 8.9-inch wide monitors for netbooks and portable DVD players.

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Can't you get these at the 100 yen shop?

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Cool...computer condoms. What will they think of next? Do you have protection?

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portable DVD players

Will people use those to watch adult videos on the trains?

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That PC in the picture sells for Y50000, so Y5544 for a bit of film to stick on the screen seems a bit much. Instead, why not get a sheet and use it to make a kind of tent, covering your head, upper body and the computer? This has the added advantage of preventing people behind you from seeing what you are up to.

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