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Psyduck teapot produced by Japanese craftspeople serves up a soothing cuppa

By Krista Rogers, SoraNews24

The older I get, the more relatable Psyduck seems to be. Life can just be giant headache sometimes as an adult–you know?

Perhaps that’s why Psyduck has managed to hang on to a steady contingent of fans ever since being introduced to the world back in 1996. From life-size plushies to quality, high-end necklaces, new Psyduck-themed goods keep popping up year after year.

The latest offering is a Psyduck teapot from Japanese company Ensky. Designed after the “Sprayduck” watering can that appeared in 2006’s "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" for watering Berries, the teapot is a lovely practical addition to your kitchen that’s sure to make you smile whenever you use it.


Importantly, the teapot isn’t meant to be a children’s toy but is a legitimate example of Mino ware, a traditional style of Japanese pottery from Gifu Prefecture. Mino ware is known for its versatility, so this Psyduck teapot seems to fit right in with its modern take on a classic style.

▼ Dimensions: 150 (height) x 110 (width) x 180 (depth) millimeters


In addition, the teapot comes packaged in a lovely yellow box that features a screenshot of the Sprayduck from "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl."


The Psyduck teapot will go on sale on Ensky’s online shop in late April for 13,200 yen. We recommend using it whenever you need to stave off a growing headache with some soothing chamomile alongside these adorable Psyduck sweets.

Source, images: PR Times

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It's a cute cup for sure but in that pouring picture, it looks like it's spitting water into your joe cup. And that prospect isn't what I would need after just getting out of bed.

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but in that pouring picture, it looks like it's spitting water into your joe cup

lol that's WHY I want it. XD

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Perfect for a birthday gift.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

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