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Radio-controlled watch


The thin-model version of Lukia, Seiko’s leading women’s wristwatch, has a modified case structure that is 15% thinner than the conventional model. The attractive design targets working women in their 20s and above.

The model is the thinnest of its kind, at 7.9mm (1.3mm thinner than the conventional version). A drive unit enhancing reception sensitivity has been installed, allowing a thinner case back made only of metal without glass that is used in conventional models to secure precision in receptivity.

Three versions are available, priced between 55,650 and 57,750 yen.

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Are we supposed to be mind readers? The announcement just describes the thin case and doesn't even bother to mention the watch's most important feature, the "radio control" the synchronized with the official time signal to ensure accuracy.

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These radio controlled watches are very common, but the thinner case is unusual.

My friend has a solar one. Even if it's been shut up in darkness for a month and totally stopped, exposure to light will start it off, pick up the signal, and the hands will start whizzing round to find the correct time!

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overpriced by a factor of two

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cool ..

but can't afford that one

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