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Recycled file organizers made from Ito En tea leaves


Ito En is one of the largest tea manufacturers in Japan. From barley, jasmine and green tea, its drinks are a vending machine staple.

As part of its recycling program, Ito En uses left-over tea leaves to make stationery to keep your files organized. The A4 sized recycled paper files come in two types: a single paper folder and a bifold paper holder.

Stationery aside, the brand also uses left over tea leaves to make tatami mats (traditional Japanese woven flooring made of common rush), air conditioning filters and cardboard. 

The file organizers are priced from ¥830 on the official King Jim online store.

Source: King Jim

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No direct link? that is not useful googling would let you find the folders more easily, 1000 yen for only two is not very enticing either.

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Recycling is always good.

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I would pay a little more for recycled things. At least this stuff isn't going into a landfill. The cost isn't that much more than new ones and as the post above says, recycling is good.

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