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Toy manufacturer Targa takes us down memory lane with the coin bank “Showa Meikyoku Denwa Ginko designed as a Showa-era pay phone. Every time a coin is dropped in, the box plays popular tunes of the times.

The coin box is designed not only to resemble but also simulate the use of the retro red rotary dial phone. Dropping in a coin prompts the unit to ring and play a sound that indicates the handset has been picked up. It is then followed by a melody and another sound indicating that the handset has been placed back on the telephone. The device plays one of 10 well-known songs from the Showa era.

The suggested retail price is 3,990 yen and will go on sale July 8 at variety stores.

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That is definitely not an American retro pay phone! I do like it.

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I would like one, but only if the music function could be turned off. (I've been looking for a good "piggy bank" for my spare change, but I don't think I'd appreciate the audio on a daily basis).

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