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Retro style DSLR with full size sensor

By Yoriko Takahashi

Nikon is going to release the digital single-lens reflex Df on Nov 28. The body will be sold for about 280,000 yen, while the lens kit Df 50mm f/1.8G Special Edition Kit will be sold for about 300,000 yen.

It has a 36x23.9mm-sized Nikon FX Format CMOS sensor (16.25m effective pixels) - so-called full size sensor - which is identical to that of Nikon's flagship D4, and it also has the image processor engine EXPEED 3. Although it has a full size sensor, its body is the lightest and smallest among Nikon FX Format digital single-lens reflex cameras: W143.5 x H110 x D66.5mm, 719g.

Df is also compatible with high ISO 204,800, 0.14 seconds of start-time, 0.052 seconds of release time lag, and 5.5 fps continuous shoot. For auto focus, Mutli-CAM 4800 AF module with 39 AF points (the center 9 are cross type). Glass Penta Prism is used for the optical finder with about 100% finder coverage. Df has a 3.2inch monitor (0.92 million dots).

Source: AkihabaraNews

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I expect the 200K ISO is rubbish, but still it is amazing how good the quality of high ISO photos is becoming. ISO 25K will probably produce excellent results, 50 and 100 may even be acceptable.

I notice that there appears to be no strobe, but this should not be a great problem with such high ISO.

Is the megapixel challenge being replaced by an ISO competition?

I have a camera with a full frame sensor and it really is brilliant in low light.

It is an expensive camera, but it will produce good results with cheaper lenses. I suspect soon fewer professionals will carry heavy zooms. Instead they will use smaller apertures.

I suspect this could also lead to greater use of lenses over 300mm as they can be made light enough to carry around and used hand-held.

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You'll also be able to use all the older Nikon AI lenses with this camera, with their full functionality. I still have the film-based FE/ FE2 and FA models, and the Df appears to be very similar to them.

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I don't have any ancient Nikon lenses to put on it, but still want one, even if it is a bit gimmicky.

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It looks cool. But once you get past that, it's pretty much just like any of the higher-end Nikons. It has the D4's sensor, the D600's autofocus and shutter, and the same display as the D300s and up. I would skip this and go with the D600 or D800.

Wanderlust, I'm with you. I have an 85mm f/2 AIs that's just a wonderful lens. I also have an 80-200mm f/4 AIs that I use all the time. And when I want autofocus lenses, I buy the D series so I'll have an aperture ring. I make my living with a D600, but I still like to play with my FE.

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You'll also be able to use all the older Nikon AI lenses with this camera, with their full functionality.

I love it - sustainability is so rare in this sector.

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