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Revolutionary new coconut water


AG River International Co has started the import and sales of Coco Hydro, the first powdered coconut water product to be introduced in Japan.

Coconut water contains essential electrolytes, and has a balance similar to human blood. This makes it an ideal way to hydrate and has lead many people, especially those who live in the tropics, to refer to coconut water as the “water of life”. Athletes, celebrities, and health conscious people worldwide have recognized the benefits of coconut water.

Coco Hydro has successfully created a powdered version of this popular drink allowing everyone to enjoy Coconut Water without wastefully shipping water all over the world. Simply mix the nutrient rich powder with water to enjoy the fresh taste of coconut water.

Coco Hydro is available in a 450-gram pouch and a convenient single serve box, which contains 10 single servings. The large pouch contains 15 servings (7.5L) and the equivalent of 41 coconuts. One single serve pouch makes 500mL making it possible to enjoy a fresh coconut water drink anywhere, anytime. With its portable, sleek silver packaging design, coconut water has been truly reinvented by Coco Hydro.

Coconut water is a healthy alternative to unnatural, conventional sports drinks. It is also a great way to rehydrate at home, at play, or at the office. Coco Hydro uses only young coconuts from organic farms, which adds to the reason why it is a drink that is perfect for people of all ages.

Coco Hydro Original

Contents: 450g (7.5L, equivalent to 15 servings) 2,499 Yen Contents: 30g x 10 packs(1 pack makes 500ml) 1,985 Yen

Coco Hydro Pineapple

Contents: 450g (7.5L, equivalent to 15 servings) 2,499 Yen Contents: 30g x 10 packs(1 pack makes 500ml) 1,985 Yen

Coco Hydro Pomegranate & Raspberry

Contents:450g (7.5L, equivalent to 15 servings) 2,499 Yen Contents:30g x 10 packs (1 pack makes 500ml) 1,985 Yen

Coco Hydro Variety Box

Original (4 packs) Pineapple (3 packs) Pomegranate & Raspberry (3 packs) Contents:30g x 10 packs (1 pack makes 500ml) 1,985 Yen

Free samples are available for bloggers. Please contact AG River International with your name, publication name, and email address. For more information and updates on Coco Hydro, please visit the official website, Facebook, and Twitter. www.cocohydro.jp facebook.com/CocoHydroJapan Twitter: @cocohydro

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i drink coconut water cose i got to cut out preservatives get sick of plain old water sometimes. love to know if this has any.

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This is the best news of the year. I have been looking everywhere for Coconut Water here. That powder version is fantastic.

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Their site is not working to add things to their online shopping cart and from the general information given they aren't selling it in stores yet.

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Just think of the huge number of coconut farms. Think of the meat industry. No waste, every part is used. And if there's no use, then they will come up with something. Brains, balls, paws, don't throw it away. Grind it and there you have a sausage. Or pink slime. Collagen used to be a waste product and used as a filler. Now it is anti-ageing.

I think the coconut industry is looking for ways how to make maximum use of the product as well. Hmmm, what are we going to do with the huge amount left over coconut water?....let's see......it is beneficial for your blablabla...!

But agreed, coconut water tastes much better than Tokyo's tap water.

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how can you use revolutionary and coconut water in the same sentence...

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I have had this product in the States and it really is incredible! Energy and Electrolytes all packed into a big scoop in your own water bottle...and it actually tastes like coconut water! Stoked it is available in Tokyo...But where!>?

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Coco Hydro is an amazing product. Online store is working :)

Looks like they are active on Facebook as well. They've sampled at Oasis gyms according to the Facebook


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I tried the cocohydro original flavor and I'd say its the best tasting coconut water ive tried out in the market. So glad coconut water is in Japan.

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