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Rice balls that can be stored for 100 days at room temperature released in Japan

By grape Japan

Onigiri, or rice balls, are one of the most popularly enjoyed snacks in Japan. With a wide variety of flavors, they can make for a meal on their own--even if the way to open one sometimes seems like figuring out a puzzle to the uninitiated.

Now Japan's Ishii Foods and popular Kyoto restaurant Hyakushokuya (known for serving only 100 meals a day) are teaming up to hopefully make onigiri more of a life saver, with the release of rice balls that can safely be stored at room temperature for 100 days.

The collaboration lineup of rice balls is called Ishii no Bai Nigiri. The release ties into Ishii Foods past work in developing long-lasting food intended to provide sustenance during emergencies such as a natural disaster or situation where access to other food, cooking, or electricity is cut off. The Ishii no Bai Nigiri rice balls are also packed with 10g of protein, which Ishii says is to provide strength in times of emergency.

The lineup consists of three rice balls that can be stored at room temperature for 100 days without spoiling. They can be cooked in a microwave or by boiling in hot water, and if heated in hot water without opening the seal, they can be eaten up to 48 hours later.

The flavors included are a rice ball inspired by a popular steak rice bowl served at Hyakushokuya, a fried rice flavor that uses no eggs or wheat, and a chicken curry flavor.

Steak Rice Bowl Rice Ball


Fried Rice Rice Ball


Curry Rice Ball


The rice balls are sold at two stores: Community House Viridian and the ISHII SHOKUHIN365 Shinjuku Takashimaya Store. Pre-orders are now available at the Ishii online store.

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I am a fan of instant rice,I like it to be eaten instantly

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Maybe good for emergencies? It’s really not hard to avoid waste when it comes to rice balls though.

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How much artificial additives goes into them?

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