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Ricoh releases GR IIIx Urban Edition with stylish metallic gray body


Ricoh Imaging Corp has released its GR IIIx Urban Edition high-end digital compact camera.

The camera body is accentuated by an eye-catching navy-blue ring that encircles the lens barrel -- a representation of deep blue skies reflected on a pool after the rain, or the neon signs of a never-sleeping city and their reflections. The body is treated with a metallic gray finish, reflective of a street photographer engrossed in photography in the middle of the gritty city. This unique exterior finish was made possible by the application of a series of intricate coating processes, and creates a distinctive appearance and smooth texture while also helping improve camera hold for greater operability.

The camera features Snap Distance Priority mode as a new exposure setting. Once the preferred distance for snapshots and the desired depth of field (DOF) are set in advance, the camera lets the user recall these settings instantly and with ease. The DOF3 setting is programmed to select the aperture (F number) providing the depth of field used in pan-focus photography, making it particularly handy for quick snapshot photography.

There is a new focus mode: Auto Area AF (Center). Instead of covering the entire image field, this mode operates only in nine focus zones around the center of the image field, preventing the camera from focusing on unintended elements, such as the ground in the foreground.

The camera also provides other new functions: the Enable AF mode has been added to the shutter-button settings. When the shutter-release button is depressed halfway down, the user can lock the AF system only, without locking the AE system; a distance setting of 3.5 meters has been added to the Snapshot mode; and a long press on the monitor during playback allows the user to instantly recall the playback function selection menu.

Price: 136,800 yen

Source: Ricoh Imaging Corp

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Around $1600-$1700 Australian (about $1.50 US) is not too bad. Ricoh do some good cameras and marketing bumf aside, this does look pretty nifty.

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136,800 yen is a little over US$1000. Well, it is a camera as opposed to a phone camera. However, a phone can share pictures with friends immediately.

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