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Sakura Cola

By Casey Baseel. RocketNews24

No doubt many of you with an interest in both unique beverages and Japanese culture are licking your lips at the prospect of cherry blossom beer, which will be making its triumphant return to Japanese liquor stores in just a few days. But those of you under Japan’s legal drinking age of 20, currently driving a motor vehicle, or at work operating heavy machinery may be looking for a non-alcoholic way for you to guzzle down some thirst-quenching sakura.

That search is over, thanks to Japanese beverage producer Kimura Drink. While the company’s name might not be particularly imaginative, its product lineup certainly is, with such temptations as green tea cider and "unagi" (freshwater eel) cola.

With weather forecasters already counting down the days until the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, Kimura Drink has decided the time is right to bestow upon us something we never realized we wanted so badly: sakura cola.

Made with Japanese cherry blossom extract, the carbonated beverage will be sold in 240-mililiter bottles. The company promises “an elegant aftertaste with a delicate sakura aroma,” and bills the entire drinking experience as “somehow nostalgic,” although for those of us who didn’t grow up in Japan it’s more likely to be a completely novel experience.

Sakura Cola is currently on sale.

Source: Kimura Drink

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"Sakura, Sakura . . ." Sorry folks, that's the only part of the song I remember. ! ( Whew, getting old.)

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How is this new? Cheerio - the discount soft drink manufacturer responsible for undrinkable black coffee and rip offs of most major beverages, all for just ¥100 each, and not the American breakfast cereal - had a sakura soda a few years back. It was largely indistinguishable from their other "ciders" and had just a hint of some cherry-like artificial flavoring, but sakura cola, in a sense, it was. I'd be looking at intellectual property infringement if I were them, though I wonder if they have much of a legal department that looks at rip offs by others, rather than what they themselves can reasonably get away with. Now eel soda, on the other hand...

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Looks like Pepto-Bismol

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