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Sakura dessert made from Mount Fuji ice

By Jess, grape Japan

Sakura themed items are currently all over the place in Japan. The cherry blossom motif and taste take over every spring, as everyone celebrates Japan’s favourite season.

There’s modern takes on it, but perhaps the most well-loved cherry blossom foods are the traditional Japanese sweets and desserts, such as sakura mochi.

In that vein, a traditional Japanese dessert like kakigori was always a prime target for "sakurafication." The shaved ice treat is often eaten in summer to cool down during the extreme heat that the country experiences, but it can be consumed at any time of the year. The mild warmth brought by spring weather may be just enough of an excuse.

For the elegant, limited time only sakura kakigori, Atelier Sekka in Tokyo have utilized five different cherry blossom flavored ingredients. Sakura rare cheesecake, sakura milk, sakura fromage, sakura jelly and sakura whipped cream. Completing the spring look is a chocolate leaf.

If adding a cherry blossom theme to a traditional Japanese dessert doesn’t just scream Japan loud enough for you, Atelier Sekka famously uses ice taken from the iconic Mount Fuji for their little shaved ice mountains.

Although the sakura kakigori is only available for spring, this shaved ice joint offers a range of delicious flavours all year round.

Atelier Sekka Website

Address: 3 Chome-37-6 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Nearest station: Sugamo

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Depending on exactly where on Mt. Fuji the ice comes from, it may not be the cleanest ice around.

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A repeating theme: Form over Function

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yum, wish i can have some.

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May I have a sprinkle of ash on my cone??

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