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Sakura Oreos set to blossom in Japan this spring

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By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Sakura season is shaping up to be a little different in Japan this year. With coronavirus transmission still a legitimate health concern, health officials have been discouraging large public gatherings, and that means that cherry blossom parties in parks, one of the surest signs of spring in Japan, are going to be much smaller, or perhaps even non-existent.

But whether or not there are cherry blossom parties, there will still be cherry blossoms in Japan this spring, plus another inevitability: cherry blossom sweets, with the latest contributing confectioner being Nabisco’s Oreo brand.

Coming soon are Sakura Chiffon Cake crispy Oreos, which will be exclusive to Japan. Nestled inside the crisp biscuits is a sakura-flavor cream filling. Sakura flavor isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, but has a refreshingly balanced taste with a salty finish, which should blend extremely well with the familiar faintly bitter yet sweet notes of the biscuits.


Also coming to Japanese stores (and stomachs) are Matcha Roll Cake crispy Oreos. It’s not exactly clear why the green tea-flavored cookies are designated as “roll cake” while the cherry blossom ones are “chiffon,” but regardless, matcha and Oreo are also sure to provide a palate-pleasing presence, as both represent an enticing blend of sweetness and bitterness.

In contrast to the cherry blossoms themselves, whose blossoming time is notoriously difficult to predict, we know exactly when we’ll start seeing the new sakura Oreos: April 6, which is also when the Matcha Roll Cake flavor goes on sale.

Source: PR Times

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Sakura Chiffon Cake crispy Oreos

I may have to try these.

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