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Sakura Pepsi

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By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

Japanese beverage maker Suntory has just announced it will be releasing its first-ever cherry blossom-flavored Pepsi this spring.

From white Pepsi in winter to ghost Pepsi on Halloween, Japan is absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to limited edition soft drink releases. While Suntory, the nation’s Pepsi manufacturer, has brought out some unusual flavors like Lemon and Mint, and even Salty Watermelon in seasons past, they’ve never dabbled in one of the country’s most well-known signature flavors: sakura.

The closest we ever came to something that resembled the famous cherry blossom was the strawberry milk-flavoured pink cola in 2014.

Things are set to change this year, with the company releasing a limited-edition sakura-flavoured Pepsi just in time for the cherry blossom season. Available nation-wide from 8 March, the new soft drink has the same pale pink colour as the blossoms, and is said to have a brilliant, sweet sakura aroma and flavour. The packaging is also a showstopper, with “Sakura” written across the label as if with a calligrapher’s brush, alongside a number of pink blossoms and petals pictured against a bold black background.

Retailing for 140 yen each, the new release will only be available for a limited time during the spring season.

Source: Suntory Japan

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