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Sanrio Sofa features Hello Kitty and My Melody


On Oct 5, Sanrio announced a sofa featuring Hello Kitty and her friend My Melody. Sanrio’s online shop is currently accepting orders on the furniture featuring the two popular characters.

Each sofa is priced at 198,000 yen with an additional charge of 3,150 yen for shipping. Both the Hello Kitty sofa and My Melody sofa feature the faces of Sanrio’s beloved characters designed into the back rest.

Each piece of furniture is handmade to order in Shizuoka Prefecture. Made out of stain-resistant, easy to clean material, these adorable sofas are also very comfortable.

The Hello Kitty sofa measures 126cm x 73cm x 88cm (50 in x 29 in x 35 in) and the seat of the chair is 34 cm (13 inches) off the ground. The back of the My Melody sofa is only slightly higher at 96cm (38 inches).

Source: NariNari

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I could already see a young chimpira giving one of these to his charachara girlfriend for Christmas, adding this to their collection of Kitty pillows and slippers. How gross can one get.

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NOT TO MENTION, at Ikea you can get a lot more and better stylish furniture for the same price of one of these nightmarish couches. I don't think I could get aroused sitting on one of these... the horror!

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Surreal! thank you!

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I think these are cute :3

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198,000 yen??? how many kitties and melodies did they have to poach to make those?

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this is too cool for words, even if im a guy, and definitely not guy, i'd buy one, but at that price i think it'l have to wait

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Each sofa is priced at 198,000 yen

Wow... That price seems a bit obscene.

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Geez! That's a little over $2,500 US! Ouch! I'm trying to collect as much Hello Kitty stuff for my wife, but sorry Babe. Not THIS one!

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