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Say 'kampai' to summer with gorgeous goldfish and fireworks motif glasses from Japan

By grape Japan

Look at these five tinted glasses with beautiful tints, such as pale blue and green.

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And then there's the motif of fireworks and goldfish, which adds to the interest and beauty of these gorgeous glasses. In Japan, it's common to see people at summer festivals carrying their goldfish prizes won in goldfish scooping games, one of the numerous entertainments often included among the food and game stalls. Since summer festivals often have fireworks displays, these two elements are iconic images of summer in Japan.

These glasses are so beautiful that you will want to display them in your home.

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Sandblasting is a process in which abrasive sand is blasted onto glass at high pressures to etch patterns in it.

A large fireworks display bursts in the night sky as goldfish swim gracefully along.

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The subtle colors, combined with the goldfish and fireworks theme may bring nostalgic memories of your trip to Japan or inspire you to visit one day and experience the delights of Japanese summer festivals for yourself.

Using Shabon Glass

These glasses are made with Shabon glass. Shabon is a Potoguese loan word meaning soap. Just like soap bubbles, Shabon glass has a light reflective luster which is created by applying ultra-fine colored glass particles onto the surface before heating them.

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Unlike faceted Kiriko glass, it is characterized by its pale colors. When exposed to light, you'll notice a slight iridescence on the surface, so you can appreciate a subtle play of colors as you hold them in your hand.

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Both the coloring of the glasses and the sandblasting of the patterns are realized by hand thanks to skilled craftsmen. Even if they are the same product, the subtle shades of color, etc. will differ from glass to glass, so each one of them is unique.

The goldfish and fireworks sandblast glasses are available in five colors. All of them are exquisitely colored, and you'll surely want to have them all in your collection.

Photo: grape Shop

The five colors are, from left to right: "Peach," "Purple," "Sky Blue," "Green" and "Amber."

Check out the entire sandblast glass collection at grape SHOP.

(We use WorldShopping Global. The grape SHOP page is in Japanese, but if you see the WorldShopping widget appear at the bottom of the page, that product can be shipped overseas).

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Awesome artwork! It's been 3 years without fireworks here in Tokyo. Maybe I can use them while watching the Skytree from my balcony.

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Ok, now this reminds me to buy Mt. Fuji cup.

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