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Scissors double as box cutter

By Chiho Matsuda

Kokuyo Co Ltd has released a pair of scissors that can also be used as a box cutter when its blades are closed.

It is possible to use the scissors as a box cutter to open a cardboard box and, then, use them as scissors to cut plastic bags and tags inside the box.

When the handle of the scissors is gripped and a switch is slid, a blade comes out of the tip of the scissors. When the grip is loosened, the blade goes back and the product can be used as scissors again.

Price: From 700-1,000 yen.

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Nice scissors, but that box cutter thing doesn't make sense. All scissors work as box cutters if you open and use one blade.

Rather than relying on a specific design style, the box cutter definition simply comes down to whether or not a given tool can cut boxes.

Yes, it is a box cutter.... but not a real one. It is better to have a real box cutter if you are dealing with many boxes.

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I don't even have to "open" my 100yen scissors... the "outside" of the blades is as sharp as the "inside" !

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Open the scissors and use one side as a box opener

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Yeah great but i'm not gonna part with my cash for those when I can use the 100yen scissors I already have as a box cutter, just by opening them.

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