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Seiko makes limited number of Godzilla watches for 65th anniversary

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By Shannon McNaught, SoraNews24

The whole world is crazy about Godzilla; there are Godzilla guitars being made, Godzilla bento boxes, and even a Godzilla constellation. But what if you could wear Godzilla on your wrist?

Seiko Watches has teamed up with Toho Cinemas to celebrate two big things: the 20th anniversary of the invention of Grand Seiko’s original spring drive mechanism and the 65th anniversary of Godzilla‘s theatrical release. With both things originating in Japan, they thought, “Hey, why not do a collaboration?”


This is the Grand Seiko Godzilla watch. It’s got an imposing-looking, sleek design dominated by reds and blacks that will only be sold in 650 units total. The dial is a deep crimson while the hands and marks are smooth silver. Also, it’s visible by day or not with the help of Grand Seiko’s Lumibright technology that absorb’s the sun’s energy during the day and releases it slowly at night.

▼ The handle has scaly-looking skin, just like the big monster himself.


On the back of the watch is the real surprise; you’ll find a special etching of Godzilla smashing the streets of Ginza (the neighborhood home to Seiko Watches) along with the date of the year of its release, 2019.

▼ This is what you can show to the less cool people that don’t recognize the watch upon first glance.


So, what’s the price tag on this bad boy? Since Grand Seiko is a big name and Godzilla is even bigger, you can probably infer what that means for the value of the watch. It clocks in (no pun intended) at 1.3 million yen. They go on sale Nov 9 in Japan, and later on worldwide.

Sources: Japaaan Magazine, PR Times

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WOW I want one !!

How much does it cost ? where can I get one ?

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