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Seiko Presage watch


Seiko's new Presage watch has three kinds of auto-adjustment time function as well as a semi skeleton self winding feature. The six models range in price from 36,750 yen to 42,000 yen.

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about $500 US.

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I really do wish the article had said more. I also wish that what little was said was said more accurately. About the "a semi skeleton self winding feature." A watch's "skeleton" is not a mechanical feature. It refers the exposure of the movement of the watch on the face of the watch. "Semi-skeleton" indicates that only a portion of the movement is exposed (see picture). This is obviously a mechanical and not a quartz watch. Most mechanical watches these days have a "self winding feature" in the form of a pendulum that is activated by wrist movements of the wearer. The older mechanical watch style requires daily hand winding.

I would love to know what the "three kinds of auto-adjustment time function[s]" are.

This looks like a sexy little watch at a very attractive price for a mechanical watch. I wonder how well it keeps time. The expensive Ananta watches have a + and - daily variance of 15 seconds, which is about what you get with a good quartz watch.

This is a bargain mechanical watch. I wonder what the catch is.

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about $500 US.

About 23,000 Rupee also. So? It's a Japanese watch, prices are in Yen.

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Okay, I see the what the "semi skeleton self winding feature" is all about. If you look in the skeleton window you'll see the self-winding mechanism. There is that little pendulum that's activated by your movements. Nifty little watch. How well does it keep time?

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The catch? Maybe expensive and frequent overhauls?

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At most once every 5 years. That's what Rolex recommends anyway. I'm sure the overhaul would be cheaper than what Rollex wants. A mechanical watch is like a lover. It need constant attention.

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Kabukilover, yes, but that's a Rolex. I have to wonder whether the movement of such a low priced watch is up to that standard, or the standard of Valjoux movements. A cheap movement could prove to be a major headache a few years down the line.

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